Biodiesel Indices (BD’s)

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What is it?

Biodiesel consumption, production, imports, exports and storage data comes from the Energy Information Administration (EIA). These indices are at a national level.

  • BDACA – Biodiesel Consumed by the Transportation Sector
  • BDFD – Biodiesel Feedstock
  • BDPR – Biodiesel Production
  • BDIM – Biodiesel Imports
  • BDEX – Biodiesel Exports
  • BDPS – Biodiesel Stocks
  • BDSCP – Biodiesel Stocks Change
  • BDTCM – Biodiesel Consumption

Who is interested?

Economists, energy market analysts, directors of sustainability

What does it tell me?

The indices above are a part of a package of energy consumption data from the EIA. Combined with other energy consumption indices, this data gives a picture of market changes in fuel consumption.