AIRRTM: A4A Air Cargo Volume Revenue Ton Miles

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What is it?
In partnership with the Airlines for America (A4A), data covering monthly revenue ton-miles for cargo flown by select member U.S. airlines that are members of the A4A and report their figures monthly to that association. 
A ton-mile is one ton (2,000 lbs) flown one mile, and is one common way used within the airline industry to measure volumes.
The data is available in SONAR in two ways – by airline and by region. 
For airlines, volumes for all U.S. passenger carriers that fly cargo are shown (5). Delta Cargo volumes may also be available in 2020.
In addition, summarized carrier volumes on flights between points in 4 regions are available: domestic (USA), Latin America (LATAM), Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA)
The index name is: AIRRTM
The granularities for airlines:
AIRRTM.AAL – American Airlines
AIRRTM.ALK – Alaska Airlines
AIRRTM.LUV – Southwest Airlines
AIRRTM.UAL – United Airlines
AIRRTM.HA – Hawaiian Airlines
The granularities for regions:
AIRRTM.USA – U.S. domestic flights
AIRRTM.EMEA – trans-Atlantic flights to/from Europe, Middle East, Africa
AIRRTM.APAC – trans-Pacific flights to/from Asia and Oceania
AIRRTM.LATAM – flights between the U.S. and Latin America
Who is interested?
Anyone that tracks airline cargo performance or regional air cargo demand trends 
What does it tell me?
It shows you where regions are growing or shrinking month to month and year over year. It also shows which airlines are growing or shrinking. The data goes back to 2006. It assists in planning strategies around air cargo and airlines, but can be paired up against ocean and other transport modes to see multi-modal trends. 

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