Agricultural Production and Inventories

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What is it?

SONAR tracks monthly and quarterly data on various agricultural commodities, including price and volume. The production and inventory data is the amount of production generated by agricultural producers during the month or quarter, and is typically reported in pounds, though some commodities (milk, eggs, hogs) have unique units of measurement. All of the available commodity production figures are available at a national level, with the quarterly inventory data available at the state level. The following commodity output is available in SONAR

BEEFLB – slaughter beef
BUTRPD – butter
CANOLA – canola oil
CHEESE – cheese
CORNIV – quarterly corn inventories (available by state)
EGGS – eggs
FCOJ – frozen concentrated orange juice
GFRUIT – grapefruits
GRAPE – grapes
HOGINV – quarterly hogs inventory (available by state)
OATS – quarterly inventory of oats (available by state)
PORKLB – slaughter pork
SBNINV – quarterly soybeans inventory (available by state)
SFOIL – sunflower oil
WHEAT – quarterly inventory of wheat (available by state)

Who is interested?

Economists, produce market analysts, produce freight

What does it tell me?

Commodity production and inventories give insight on the amount of output being generated in the agricultural sector. Looking at these figures can give a good idea of the seasonal patterns of each of the different types of produce, as well as the relative strength of the current produce season.

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