Adding a Widget to My Pages

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You can add a number of widgets to your page. To add a widget:

  1. Click the + at the top right hand of your screen to add a chart
  2. Select the widget you would like to add
  3. Follow the prompts on the screen

The Widget options are:


Customize news based on content you want to see.

  • RSS News Feed – Filter news articles based on topics relevant to you with this widget.
  • Social Media New Content – Add this widget to get social media content specific to financial and transportation markets.


Analyze market direction and trends by selecting the data of your choice using the easy-to-view display.

  • Standard Watchlist – displays selected in terms of daily movement.
  • Heat Map List – a color coded list that is shaded based on movements from the previous day. Green denotes a positive change. Red denotes a negative change.
  • Tree Map – displays hierarchical data as a set of rectangles.
  • Scrolling Ticker – a perpetual stream of values for the selected indices
  • Gauge Chart – displays 52 week highs and lows relative to the current value.
View data on a map including truck data, rail data, critical events and more.

View FreightWaves videos including instructional content, FreightWaves NOW and events recaps.

View volatile markets and levels of volatility in those markets.


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