Adding a Map

FreightWaves Customer SuccessMap

With a map you can overlay insights and data.

To add the map widget and/or overlay data:

  1. Click the + at the top right hand of your screen
  2. Click Map
  3. Once a map displays, select the data you want to overlay from the menu on the left side of the screen
    1. Set the date by clicking on the calendar icon
    2. Turn on/off the satellite and your custom layers by clicking on the layers icon
    3. Turn truck freight on/off, change the granularity level and add data to the map by clicking on the truck icon. To add indices data, turn on the Choropleth Settings.
    4. Turn rail data on/off by clicking on the rail car icon
    5. Turn weather data on/off by clicking on the cloud icon
    6. Turn on critical events by clicking on the hurricane icon


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